Top 5 Gaming Headphones Under 1500

We can help you discover the best gaming headphones for under 1500 if you’re looking for them. Here, we’ve compiled a selection of affordable gaming headphones.

As you are aware, there are a huge variety of headphones available. There are many different headphones available with different styles and rates, that’s why it will become a challenge for you to select the ideal ones. But you don’t have to worry. We have already listed some excellent and outstanding gaming headphones that offer excellent quality and a secure fit. Therefore, save time and look at the top gaming headphones under 1500. You can check here best Bluetooth Price.

1. Cosmic Byte Spider Gaming Headphone

First of all, we are presenting the Cosmic Byte Spider Headphones. The Cosmic Byte Spider gaming headphone costs under 1500 and is ideal for gaming, music listening, etc. There is a 3.5mm Jack for the sound and microphone and a soft cushion for the headrest and ear pad in these headphones. Length-adjustable hinges all come standard with the Cosmic Byte, ensuring hours of comfortable gaming.

Cosmic Byte provides crystal-clear audio, rich bass, and an in-line microphone and speaker for the actual game.

Benefits Of Cosmic Byte Spider Gaming Headphone

  • These are gaming headphones under 1500 with a mic and different features.
  • The Cosmic Byte will provide you with crystal-clear audio with rich bass.
  • These headphones are compatible with laptops, mobile, PS4 etc.
  • These are the primary gaming headphones that are perfect for playing games.
  • The earpads are padded with soft cushions, which comfort the users.
  • Due to the soft material inside the earpads, the headphones can be used for extended gameplay.
  • There is a USB input in these headphones for LED lights.
  • These are the best headphones under 1500 that deliver crystal clear sound.

2. Ant Esports H530 Wired Over Ear Headphones

Ant Esports’ gaming products are popular with gamers nowadays in India. Their superior quality is one explanation for this. However, because of their premium quality, you do not think Ant Esports headphones are overpriced. Here we are presenting one of the best headphones of the Ant Esports, the Esports H530 model. These are the finest gaming headphones under 1500 in India.

Due to its ergonomic design, customers continue to like the Ant Esports H530 gaming headphones.

With the help of the included fully adjustable headband, you may customize it to fit your head. Different features of this product are discussed below.

Benefits Of Ant Esports H530 Wired Over Ear Headphones

  • These are the best gaming headphones under 500 with a noise-canceling microphone.
  • The controls of these headphones are straightforward.
  • These headphones provide HD Stereo sound, which is surrounded by resounding bass.
  • These are the best gaming headphones under 1500 for Pc that are fully adjustable. They can easily fit in your head.
  • Moreover, they are structured in an ergonomic design which looks incredible.
  • There is the compatibility of the multi-platforms in these headphones.
  • The ear pads of these headphones are made up of soft and elegant material that provides comfort to the ears.

3. HP H200 Wired Gaming Over Ear Headphones

The majority of people use the products of the well-known brand HP.

Here we bring a gaming headphone of HP that is HP H200.

The HP H200 gaming headset offers impressive features and meets all your requirements for a low-cost gaming headset. These are the best gaming headphones under 1500.

This headphone offers you a good look in addition to excellent sound quality and other uncommon functions in headphones of this price range.

Benefits Of HP H200 Wired Gaming Over Ear Headphones

  • These are the best headphones under 1500 which come with a microphone.
  • The ergonomic design of the HP H200 attracts customers to it.
  • These headphones provide you with the feature of an adaptive suspension head beam.
  • Moreover, these headphones’ ear cups provide a comfortable game experience.
  • Although the ear cups are more extensive than other headphones, they will provide a comfortable feel to the users.
  • HP H200 provides a 4D sound effect with deep bass.
  • This product comes with a warranty of 1 year and is compatible with laptops, PC, tablets etc.

In the end, these are the best gaming headphones under 1500.

4. AirSound Gaming Over-Ear Headset Headphone

You didn’t hear the name of Air Sound before this. This is a brand-new company that created the Alpha 1 gaming headset.

These headphones include many fantastic features you won’t find in headphones from well-known companies. Moreover, these are the best headphones under 1500.

So let’s examine the features of this headphone features, its appearance, and its audio output.

Benefits Of AirSound Gaming Over-Ear Headset Headphone

  • These headphones are structured in a simple but ergonomic design.
  • These are the best gaming headphones under 1500 for PC that are adjustable and moveable.
  • These headphones contain a long nylon cable by which you can use them efficiently.
  • Moreover, it has a multi-connection feature by which you can use these headphones with multiple devices.
  • The drivers of 50mm in these headphones can provide the best sound for you.
  • These are the best gaming headphones with a mic under 1500, which makes clear and clean communication with your mates.
  • These headphones are made of very soft and lightweight material, providing comfort during use.

5. Hunter spider Gaming Headset Headphones

Now we are adding Hunterspider Gaming Headset Headphones to our list. These are the best gaming headphones under 1500. The over-ear pads on the Hunterspider gaming headset are made of protein, which makes them very comfortable to wear and have good air permeability. These headphones are specifically made for gamers. The head beam has multiple points, enabling it to fit various head sizes. It is also adjustable, allowing you to find the ideal fit. The gaming headset is also exceptionally lightweight, so your head and ears won’t feel any strain even after extended gaming sessions.

Benefits Of Hunter spider Gaming Headset Headphones

  • These are gaming headphones under 1500 that includes a mic for calling purposes.
  • These headphones are very light in weight, so they can easily be carried from one place to another.
  • The ear cups are padded with soft cushions, which makes the headphones comfortable for users.
  • These are the best gaming headphones under 1500 which can be adjusted for any head size.
  • These headphones come with LED lights which look excellent.
  • This product is compatible with PS4, PS5, laptops, PC etc.
  • These headphones have an omnidirectional microphone and a noise-isolating feature that blocks external sounds.
  • This headset provides you with a clear and clean sound with deep bass.
  • The 50mm neodymium drivers of these headphones deliver clear and clean sound.